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Our clever Director Alex also helms the everlasting flower factory @everbloomeWhile Alex is behind all things branding and design, Director Elleni Pearce is the clever creator of the 'bloomes', built originally for boutique party supplies shop Lenzo in Malvern. Add the two trailblazers together in the grips of a pandemic (with events on hold) and you have a blossoming biz.

Alexandra Collins (Left) and Elleni Pearce (Right)

You’ve planned stationery to perfection, picked the dress and planned the playlist. But what about plucking those ever-enchanting flowers? Our Director Alexandra Collins and biz partner Elleni Pearce were fed up with the beauty of a bunch of 'bloomes', so they conjured up Everbloome as the ultimate antidote. 

Everbloome - Boho Chic Bridal Bouquet

Boho Chic - Bridesmaid Bouquet

The Melb-based flower empire is the cure for wilting memories and one-day-only adornments, bundling together bespoke arrangements of freeze-fried, preserved posies. What started as a passion project in the throes of Melbourne’s 2020 lockdown has now flourished as a one-stop-shop for gifting, event-planning and home adorning (that lasts a lifetime). 

Everbloome - Bridal Table Setting

Alex knows beauty when she sees it, and sees the magic in locking that in for the long-haul, espesh when it comes to your wedding day. That’s why OMP and Everbloome seek to ignite both instant and eternal wonder, celebrating the defining moments of life with keepsakes to treasure for years to come. 

Faery Dust - Bloome Bag

Between us and Everbloome, your Special Day can be recoloured, reimagined and remixed to a one-of-a-kind style, all beating in sync with your heart’s rhythm. Make it memorable, meant-to-be and made bespoke with OMP and Everbloome woo-ing your guests in tandem. We’ll tie the knots, get the aesthetic downpat and do the heavy-lifting for you, so the wedding fanfare and fun stuff can resume. 


You can read more about Everbloome's story in Broadsheet.