Bespoke Design - Fully Booked 2022
Selected artist for the 2022 L'Oreal and Matrix Christmas campaign in both Australia and NZ
Behind the scenes with my breathtaking new collection 'Untamed Romance' which speaks for the search behind my visual representation of the peace I feel when I am enveloped in design. This suite is fluid, calm and graceful; shying away from focusing on the usual, this collection leads the eyes on a journey into my OMP world.
Carte du jour printed on a 100% silk linen stock, now's the time to elevate your on-the-day wedding stationery with premium layers of cloth, exquisite accessories such as hand-lettered fans and the intricate details of a watercolour crest.
Designing art has always been a passion.
Following my dreams after the birth of my daughter, Florence, I get lost in an indescribable mindset when I am creating concepts and designing for my clients - and when I get asked "how do you think of these ideas?" it is simply because I am doing what I love.
I met Alison from The Petal Project in April this year, this is our second shoot together and the feedback has been overwhelming for the both of us, so we have decided to continue on our journey to bring you never-seen-before styling and concepts.
Working with like-minded creatives, you forget about everyone else other than the artists in that shoot room. And this is how magic happens.
- Alexandra Collins, OMP Creative Director
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Dream Team:
Styling & concept - @thepetalproject
Stationery - @onemimosaplease_
Venue - @thegeorgeballroom 
Concept & Styling - @the_petalproject
Fleurs - @the_petalproject
Photogrpahy - @hellochloemay
Videography - @luca.zarik
Dress - @amber_chloe
Model - @brookemcauley_