Bespoke Design - Fully Booked 2022
Selected artist for the 2022 L'Oreal and Matrix Christmas campaign in both Australia and NZ



Averse to a cookie-cutter approach?
While all of our designs are cleverly customisable, we understand the urge to dream, fantasise and let your ideas run wild with never-seen-before creations. If you’re looking for that extra point-of-difference with your wedding stationery, Alexandra can translate your unparalleled ideas into print pandemonium. Given the exceedingly unique nature of your order, she’ll need a little more prep time in the studio.

We recommend all bespoke pieces will take a minimum of 3 months magic-making time before your event day, or 6 months prior for custom invitations.
Tell us all about your aesthetic fantasy, wedding theme (if applicable), creative direction and draft of wedding vows* below:
*Kidding. But not really.
Please Note: Alexandra is fully booked for weddings before Feb 2023. If your event is after this date please get in touch!