Booking Bespoke Nov ‘23 onwards
2022 Campaign Artist for L'Oreal, Matrix and Coco&Lola


Not your average graphic designer; she's a fiercely devoted motherhustler and conjurer of magic through simple yet significant design that injects a healthy dose of personality and creative flair. There's a piece of herself in everything she creates.

The creative powerhouse, twisted brain and unquestionable beauty behind the one and only One Mimosa Please, Alexandra is determined to cure even the strongest typographical ailment, one carefully hand-lettered word at a time. 

She lives and breathes design, exists in the leading—the spaces in between the rules, and bad kerning keeps her up at night. Her strongest weapon is her creative mind, a self-taught master of the intricate art of hand-lettering (with the help of a few cocktails & large amount of coffee and curse words) she believes that nothing is impossible.

 Life's not perfect, but your design can be.