Bespoke Design - Fully Booked 2022
Selected artist for the 2022 L'Oreal and Matrix Christmas campaign in both Australia and NZ

We source top quality paper and pay the most astute attention to itty-bitty printing details. (The small stuff has a big impact). We stock a smorgasbord of A-grade paper for the environmentally conscious planner. This paper is specifically designed to be wooshed through the letterpress with its impressive tactile propensities. These include papers made from 100% cotton. That means it’s super soft-to-touch, irresistibly smooth, sturdy and receptive to ink and indents. We also love a sheet of recycled paper and stock a spectrum of it in various hues and textures. 

How we print (with panache):

E-invites: electronically designed invitations saved as high-quality JPEG or PDF file. You choose. We’ll render your bespoke creation ready for upload to your preferred digital platform to spread the word.

Digital print: Don’t be fooled, this isn’t an E-invite. Digital print is direct ink-on-card beauty, being our most coveted form of card design.

Letterpress print: A whole new meaning to the concept of leaving a lasting impression, our letterpress designs flaunt artful indentations into silky-smooth invitations. We press a metal plate into the paper to unveil a charmingly carved-out embossing of your desire.

Gold foil print: the most boujée mode of invitation. Our foil stamping is a luxurious specialty printing process that harnesses heat, pressure and marvellous metal dies on foil film to print gilded text into an invitation like no other.