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Kahlo - Menu (Hand-Lettered Guest Names)

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Amidst the wedding preparations, the significance of wedding menus is sometimes regrettably underestimated. However, on the day itself, these menus possess the power to work wonders during a sit-down dinner, adding a splendid flourish to every guest's place setting. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these menus serve as a practical guide, providing valuable information about the delectable food and beverage choices available to each guest.


Format: DL 99x210mm (Portrait) | Paper: Butterscotch 365gsm | Print: Digital Print Customization Options: Embrace the opportunity to create a truly distinctive and memorable dining experience for your guests by featuring Alexandra's unique hand-lettering to your menu items and guest names. Changes to colourways are not permitted in the Kahlo collection. Enjoy the flexibility to personalize your invitations by selecting different paper stock if desired.